Bringing things up to date

April 10, 2017 13:34

I haven't added to the blog in a while. We have taken two small vacations since the wrist surgery. Last October we took a driving tour up through Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks, to Nevada to visit my sister, then on to Death Valley. I have finally sorted through the photos I took and created the album for the trip.

I also created an album for our 50th anniversary trip last May to San Diego. Turns out that year was the 100th anniversary of the San Diego Zoo. 

For the Yale 50th reunion I got a rest. The class hired a professional photographer, so I relaxed and enjoyed re-connecting with my classmates. Besides, I had spent a great deal of time on our 50th reunion class book. I was photo editor, technical production manager, and created two sections of the book.

Finally, last weekend we went to Joshua Tree National park to see the wild flower bloom. This year was a really good year since we had record rains. We arrived on Friday afternoon and drove through the upper end of the park. Saturaday was a guided tour of the flowers. We stopped in two different (really different) locations and spent a couple of hours at each. Our guide was really enthusiastic and quite knowledgable. On Sunday we visited the lower part of the park and returned home.

It was creating the photo album of Joshua Tree that prompted me to go back and make albums from San Diego and the fall National Parks trips.